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Cabin Rules

Follow these guidelines to ensure a quick return of deposit

  • 2 night minimum. Holidays- 3 night minimum stay.

  • $100 refundable security deposit.

  • CHECK-IN: 4:00 PM    CHECK-OUT:  11:00 AM

  • No smoking.  No exceptions.

  • Cabin may not be safe or suitable for infants (Under 2 years)

  • All renters must be at least 25 years of age.

  • A strict "No Party Rule" is enforced.  Parties will result in loss of deposit.

  • Number of Guests: MAXIMUM of 6 Guests including the renter, NO Exceptions. Renter must provide the exact total count of guests upon reserving. Any changes in the count must be provided at least one week in advance of the reserved start date.

  • There is limited parking at Chinook.  Only 2 vehicles are allowed. Parking is permitted in driveway only.

  • Do not feed the bears or other wildlife, and please keep trash inside. We are not responsible for damage or injury caused by bears or other wildlife.

  • Guests should review and print the “House Manual” for information, instructions and convenient access during stay.

Hot Tub Use: 

  • Hot tubs can be unsafe for persons with certain health conditions, for small children and for intoxicated individuals. The renter and guests agree they are using the hot tub at their own risks.

  • Hot tub use is intended for adults. For safety reasons children should not use the hot tub. An adult (over 21) must accompany any child under the age of 16 in or around the hot tub.

  • Do not add any substances to the hot tub (including, but not limited to, bubble bath, bath oils, etc. Doing so will result in an additional cleaning fee. 

  • The hot tub turns on and off periodically.  This is normal behavior to keep the hot tub clean.  The jets have 2 speeds...low and high. Hit the button once for low and again for high.

  • Do not put glass in the hot tub and do not consume beverages in glass containers in or near the hot tub. 

  • Hot tubs and alcohol are an unsafe combination and guests should not overindulge in alcohol when using the hot tub. 

  • Keep hot tub covered when not in use. Leave hot tub set at 100 degrees when not in use. All guests should shower before getting into the hot tub.  Hot Tub ideal temperature is between 100-102 degrees.  Please do not turn temperature over 104 degrees.

    Fires and fireworks 

  • Open fires are sometimes prohibited by local government if there has been a lack of rain.  If you are unsure, please ask us before starting any type of fire.  We prefer you not start any type of fire, but if you do please make sure you take precautions. The fire department is far away and fires can get out of control quickly in the area.

  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited at the cabin.  Please respect nature and the privacy and entitlement to quiet enjoyment for other renters in the area.


  • Renter and Guests MUST NOT leave bottles, cans or any trash outdoors, including on the decks, patios, and at the creek frontage area. Guests are expected to properly dispose of all trash both inside and outside the cabin.   Any trash of any kind will result in renters losing their deposit.

  • Place trash in outside trash containers and securely close lids. (This keeps the forest pests out!). 


  • A good tip is to bring food with you before you get to the cabin. The nearest grocery store is about 15 minutes away.

  • You break it, you buy it!

  • We have games, DVD's, cards, etc. in the cabin.  Please leave these for the enjoyment of future guests.

  • Please leave all decor in the cabin so others can enjoy it in the future.

  • There is a small washer/dryer in the cabin but we do not provide washing powder.  If you plan on washing clothes, you may want to bring some.

  • Please leave the cabin as you found it.  Put all trash in cans, put dirty dishes in dishwasher, put dirty towels in a pile in the bathrooms, take all items out of the refrigerator, and put all games/dvds/cards/puzzles back where you found them.

  • If possible, please take home and recycle any recyclable trash....We do!

  • Please review and heed these rules. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the host's retention of the $100 security deposit.

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