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Renter testimonials for Chinook Cabin taken
from various sources

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We spent Thanksgiving here.  Beautiful view, cozy cabin!  Fabulous place to spend time with the family.  LOVE the updated kitchen appliances.  Thank you!  The Oliphants, Jacksonville FL



Absolutely beautiful spot and you built the PERFECT cabin.  We loved every detail from the indoor hot tub to the back porch swing and rockers.  Seems so secluded with an amazing view.  We would love to come back and hear more AL music, neighbor from Talladega.  And as long as you are not playing the Crimson Tide, go War Eagle!  Rebecca & Lou



Alicia & Mary had a very relaxing girls weekend.  The view is awesome & plenty of room & well-stocked.  I loved the swing & chairs on the back porch.


This was an awesome place to celebrate my birthday surprise from my husband.  It is the first time I have seen him relaxed and stress free in quite a while.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Katy & John


Me and my husband love staying at the last resort.  We had a great time (just too short).  Can't wait to come back.  I love our time away from everything.  I love you Andrew.  Amanda


Great stay, great cabin, road was rough (hill) in one place.  Mickey D.


I have fun in downtown Blue Ridge.  Today we will have fun on a train called the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.  There are two events you should do in Blue Ridge.  Kehan?  (Written by a youngster :)   )


We had a great girls weekend @ Chinook.  Its always an adventure when we hit the road.  We loved the hot tube & the back porch.  It was a relaxing weekend that was much needed.  Thank you!  The Three Amigos


Thank you for the beautiful cabin, was so excited to spend some quality time with my baby and little girl Ebony :).  Truly enjoyed the hot tub, was so soothing and relaxing.  Love the fly fishing theme with all of the amazing fish had to take lots of pictures. Most of all the fire place was warm and inviting.  Would recommend this cabin for anyone who needs to just kick back & chill. Very relaxing,  The Hardins Family


Peace, love, & happiness!  This place is so serene and peaceful.  This was a great getaway from the city-life.  Taking the time to think and gather my thoughts.  I leave with a clearer head, peace of mind, and renewed hope in love and it being mine.  Thats to my friend for bringing me here :) !  Renita, Houston, TX


Thank you for the lovely beautiful cabin for our honeymoon and a warm congratulating card from housekeeper upon arrival.  We could not ask our stay to be any better in any way because cabin was so perfect in every way.  Thanks to a wonderful housekeeper (Christi) that made everything so beautiful and very clean.  I (Lindsay) am also a housekeeper here in Blue Ridge at Cabin Rentals of Georgia.  It is so nice to get this wonderful chance to relax and enjoy a cabin instead of doing the cleaning so I know what it is like to be a housekeeper.  So that is why I would like to take time to appreciate hard work the housekeeper put into making cabin so special for guests and how they need to be appreciated.  So thank you very much for your had work Christi and Last Resort Cabin Rental.  Love, Lindsay and Eric


Love the cabin - it was chilly outside but very warm & snuggly inside.  Visited the copper mine museum in Ducktown, the lake at Morganton, the antique stores in Ellijay, the shops in Blue Ridge & Mercier Orchard.  Great steak & salad at Flying J and great brew at Grumpy Old Men.  Wonderful memories - Bill & Sharon :)


The Schusters and The Rabits had the best Thanksgiving ever!  We had such a great time in this cabin this is our 2nd time this year in this cabin.  We find it just like a home away from home.  We ate our Thanksgiving meal here and we felt very blessed.  It is 1/2 way between Fort Wayne, TN and Rockledge, FL.  My 3 grandsons had a wonderful time also.  Thanks, may God bless you, The Schusters & The Rabits


The Ropers and the Crossens enjoyed Chinook very much!!  Beautiful chilly weekend!  Would recommend the stay to anyone!  

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