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Buyer Information.

What kind of home should I buy and how much should I spend?

Whether purchasing a condo, townhome, or free standing home, we recommend you get advice from a professional.  There are many aspects to purchasing a home and a qualified realtor can potentially help you avoid many pitfalls, and potentially help you get a better price on a home.  We never recommend you spend more than you feel comfortable spending.  Banks may qualify you for more than you want to spend.  "Just say no" if you don't feel the need to go over your budget!


What about my credit?

Credit definitely comes into play when purchasing a new home.  If you are a first time home buyer there are programs you may qualify for that could provide assistance to you.  The 2 main types of loans are FHA and Conventional.  Your credit score will affect which type of loan you may qualify for.  We can help you through the entire process and connect you with loan officers who have various programs available depending on your situation.


Things to consider before and while applying for a home loan.

Major purchases such as automobiles, changing jobs, increasing credit card debt, moving money around between accounts are all actions that can affect your ability to obtain a home loan.  We can give you advice concerning these situations!


How many homes should I look at before I purchase?

There is no recommended amount here.  You may fall in love with the 3rd or the 33rd home, but if you find one you like that is priced right and in good condition, go for it.   We guide you through the process!


Does it cost you anything to use us?

No, it doesn't.  In most situations the Seller is responsible for paying real estate commissions, so Buyers are charged absolutely nothing when using a realtor to find a home.  Don't make the mistake of home shopping without a realtor.  It could cost you thousands of dollars!


Any other questions?  Contact us!  We would love to help you find a home and we promise to do everything we can to ensure you are making a sound decision and that your new home will be a place for you to enjoy for years to come.

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